Magic Glass effectively blocks UV rays up to 99% and infrared up to 65% in its off state

Magic Glass is a perfect magic glass solution for Clinics, Medical, Dental, Procedure Rooms and Emergency Care Boxes.


Create privacy for patients when necessary by simply activating a switch.​

Magic Glass can quickly control the amount of solar heat, reducing the use of your air conditioner during the summer months, which will save you money on energy costs.

Magic Glass provides an elegant, clean and sterilized appearance. It provides instant privacy and creates a clean and serene environment.​

Magic Glass is a low profile and low maintenance alternative for dusty blinds and curtains.


Ideal for operating rooms, hallways, laboratories and wherever privacy and hygiene are required.​

Quick, clean and non-invasive installation.


The Magic Glass Film can be installed in procedural rooms (as shown in the video), with the aim of showing that it is in use at the time the patient enters by dimming the window, through a door contact.​

It can also be used in attention boxes, which are easily distinguishable between each other, those available in their transparent state, and those occupied with their opacity.

In the ICU and ITU rooms, the use of curtains can be discarded so that in an emergency the Film is completely obscured by means of a foot contact plate (fast action medium), avoiding the impact of the procedure being visible.

Additionally, we can have a window inside the Clinic (common spaces, waiting rooms, etc.) to install the Film, a projector and a video player and use it as a communication and information output.

Magic Glass Chile


Polymer Dispersed Liquid Cristal

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