Magic Glass is ideal for integrating advertising in your premises both indoors and outdoors, since it has the ability to project an image on both sides. This can be achieved by integrating the Film with a projector. Calling the attention of customers who are inside and in turn, future customers abroad, increasing their productivity instantly.​

It is ideal for showcases, glass access doors, even glass fitting rooms that will grant a stamp of avant-garde, distinction and surprising elegance.​

Turn your store into constant and innovative advertising and eliminate the use of static adhesives.

Magic Glass will make your products more visually attractive with interactive and controllable display cases according to your need. This can be achieved by automating the Film through different types of sensors (motion, light, temperature, door contact, etc.).

The film alongside a projection allows the windows to be used with decorative motifs related to the different seasons of the year and/or important festivities (Christmas, Holidays, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.).

With Magic Glass you can show the closing of your premises with the opaque showcase and in the event of theft by means of a strobe light you can use the Film as a warning.

* Vídeo Audi Seul - is not owned by Magic Glass Chile (reference use)

Some of the applications of Magic Glass aimed at the Automotive is that it allows us to use the windows as a projection screen for brand advertising.​

With this function the showcases do not lose their objective that is to show the interior of the premises, since at the end of the projection they become translucent. Likewise, with the use of the product we can release the showcases of static adhesives or banners, which affect the hallmark of the premises..


With this system of projection in the premises you manage the advertising to project, the times, schedules and quantity of diffusion, in turn it allows us to program a dynamic sequence in schedule outside the opening of the store (Night).

*Vídeo Downtown Singapore - is not owned by Magic Glass Chile (reference use)

MAGIC glass chile
        Switchable   Projectable  Automation         
Turn your display case into advertising

Magic Glass Chile


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