The Magic Glass Film oriented to the Hotel category is recommended in VIP Rooms, bathroom interiors, event rooms and winter terraces.

It grants a stamp of avant-garde, elegance and technological innovation.​

Magic Glass can quickly control the amount of solar heat, reducing the use of your air conditioner during the summer months.


Magic Glass provides privacy to the interior of the room when it is in use by dimming its windows through the chosen control means, managing to control your visibility instantly.​

The film is projectable for training and / or settings avoiding the use of a curtain..


Additionally, you can achieve a sound decrease up to 30 decibels.



The privacy of Magic Glass can be controlled through:​

  • Switch          

  • Remote Control

  • Door contact

  • Different types of sensors (Temperature, Movement, Light)

Quick installation, maintenance free and user friendly..


In winter terraces, visibility can be managed outside, controlling the temperature and preventing infrared rays from entering.​

At the same time it improves the distribution of the external luminosity, since the Film is a Dispersed Liquid Crystal Polymer that in its opaque state deflects the light achieving a homogeneous clarity.

Magic Glass Chile


Polymer Dispersed Liquid Cristal

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