Magic Glass can be used in office windows, meeting rooms, recruitment rooms or job divisions to create adequate, individual and private spaces. You can also turn a window or glass wall into a projection screen for presentations and training within your company.​



The Film provides:

  • Privacy control

  • UV protection

  • Energy cost savings

  • Noise control

Magic Glass in its opacity state provides even luminosity throughout the entire surface, creating an ideal workspace. This is produced by the dispersion of the liquid crystal inside the Film that distributes the light in a homogeneous way.​

Magic Glass can change its state from opaque to translucent by electronic control.


In addition it can be automated through sensors of luminosity, movement, door contact and timer. If you want to grant movement to your windows, it can be achieved through a programmed sequence, pre-established by you.

One of the most important advantages of Magic Glass is it's capability to work with transition patterns through automation, from where the client can choose an off/on sequence for the film(s) to play, either alternately or in order.

Magic Glass Chile


Polymer Dispersed Liquid Cristal

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