We are a company dedicated to integrating innovation, technology, security, privacy and creativity to the different segments of the industry, through a film called PDLC (Liquid Crystal Dispersed Polymer) whose technology is applied to both existing and new glasses.

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About Us


We have our own workshop where we make the film tailored to each client. which favors the response time to a requirement, since we also manage a minimum stock of product.
We take care of developing the power source and the means of control according to the needs of the project.
We provide a certified warranty for each installation made and a film cleaning manual. we take care of the details of completion and finishing touches to be agreed with the client.
we have the necessary tools to install the film on mobile windows (sliding doors and windows and hinged windows)

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Film details and finishes

Control types

  • Switch

    (Reference Model)

    ON/OFF Switch selected accordingly to the customer's design line.

  • Remote Control

    Option to manage film wirelessly.

  • Smartphone APP

    Control the film from wherever you are.

  • Dimmer

    Regulates the film's opacity, transparency and intensity.

  • Automation

    Film's automatic functionality set to a programmed sequence previously agreed upon with the customer.

  • Movement Sensor

    Film control via movement detection.

  • Temperature Sensor

    Perfect option for controlling interior climate, preventing heat rising caused by sunrays.

  • Photocell

    This option is ideally designed to prevent direct light rays (glare, UV and IR rays from entering through the film. The photocell protects the products from daylight damage exhibited in a showcase.

Control types

Magic Glass Chile


Polymer Dispersed Liquid Cristal

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