Ideal for incorporating it into the main door with a side window, in order to observe and visually control the access home.


In humid areas (bath and saunas) it is perfect to replace curtains, which generate bacteria and fungi.


The film is commonly used in windows overlooking a garden or interior patio, controlling visibility either through a switch or dimmer (see sample video).


In its state of controllable transparency (Dimmer) it provides a customized visibility to maintain control of our children in risk areas (swimming pools, gardens).

Magic Glass offers an innovative smart glass solution while minimizing light consumption. With an energy consumption of less than 5 watts per square meter.​

If you are looking to save on your electricity bills, reduce damage to the interior due to sun exposure, improved security and a modern and low maintenance privacy solution, look no further, Magic Glass is the future of residential window treatments and control of privacy on demand.

"Quick and easy installation on all types of glass"​

Modern and innovative Magic Glass offers a new and innovative alternative to conventional window treatments and privacy window films. From wall switch and remote control, to Wi-Fi integration. Protects against harmful UV rays and makes your home more economical and energy efficient.

Magic Glass can change its state from opaque to translucent by means of a switch, remote control and can even be operated via Wi-Fi through a Smartphone or Tablet.​

It is perfect on access doors with side windows to check who is requesting entry without opening the door.

Magic Glass Chile


Polymer Dispersed Liquid Cristal

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