Security in Financial Institutions, Banking, ATMs and all those companies that handle high sums of money, will be increased with Magic Glass.

Inside a Banking entity, the Film allows visual access only to the windows that are enabled, preventing vision from the rest of the area.​

It also provides privacy inside an ATM.

In the event of an unwanted event, all the windows in the area to be protected can be blacked out by means of a hidden contact plate in each cash register that can be operated by the cashier with his foot. In this way vision towards the interior is prevented without taking risks with sudden movements.

Additionally, it can be connected to the alarm system.

With a strobe type luminaire, glass can be used as a deterrent, leaving the film sheet intermittently as an emergency signal.​

Additionally, the Film is connectable to any type of alarm (Siren, Monitoring Center, among others).

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